The restorative and nourishing healing processes offered through the ‘Grace of Nature’s Remedies’, work to restore, maintain and prevent physical, emotional and mental well-being. The plants assist us to be grounded in our bodies and live in the present in integrity. They assist us with our healing so that we may learn to, and master, moving our energy/chi in the appropriate way for our optimum health. They get us back in touch with Earth and Her Cycles: into ‘Right Relationship’ with the natural world.

In an overall health assessment, particularly initially, I proceed in the following way:

  • I take an ‘Allopathic’ or western medical health history, and include any recent medical tests and any medical diagnoses presented to me as well.
  • I start the process of looking at your overall personality orientation and recent stress levels to see if they may be contributing to your problem(s).
  • We begin an Ayurveda ‘Constitutional’ assessment, which is a physical and corresponding psychological template of ‘how Nature made you’ and look at the logic of what you are manifesting right now.
  • I do physical tests as well such as Traditional Chinese Medicine pulse, tongue, facial, and nail assessment to locate specific energetic and/or organ imbalances that correspond to your physical, emotional or ‘energy’ manifestations.
  • I put the whole picture together to look at it all ‘holistically’.

This enables me to:

  • Recommend appropriate and personalized dietary and lifestyle changes to support your return to vitality and you can make some choices as to what feel ready to undertake.
  • Select personal and specific botanical supplements, made from plants, all of whom share the Earth with us and are alive too, unlike drug therapies. The herbs take from the earth’s minerals, the waters’ nourishment and ‘light’ from the sun, and turn it into ‘food’ or ‘remedies’ for you and I. (Called photosynthesis). No drugs do this!
  • I make these ‘medicines’. They are whole plant preparations of mostly local, organic herbs harvested in the Traditional way i.e. with Heart and with the permission of the plant Spirit. Because of this process, they work on more than just a physical level in order to restore overall vitality and an experience of well-being. These herbs aid and help to build your capacity to do the other ‘energy’ work needed in order to clear problems in other layers of your being too, should you need other ‘process work’. (See the Wisdom Process Page for more info on other traditional healing.)
  • Because I make my own medicine, it is easy for me to blend your personalized preparations and that becomes cheaper for you in the long run. However, you are not obligated to purchase them from me and I can simply make recommendations.
  • If you purchase herbal medicine from me, and it does not work, then I will simply exchange it for medicine that does work.If you have a complicated or chronic health problem, then we often start with a staggered series of changes, so that we can tell what is or is not working.
  • If you have a complicated or chronic health problem, then we often start with a staggered series of changes, so that we can tell what is or is not working.
  • This personalized program may need to evolve and change as you do, and can include tinctures, infusions, flower essences and/or external remedies.

The initial intake process can take form 1-1/2 hours to 2hours. All information is strictly confidential. We meet afterwards semi-regularly to either adjust, add in new remedies and to keep track of improvements.

I am a Registered Herbalist (RH), since 2000, a designation offered by the Ontario Herbalists Association (OHA). Go to to see Our Code of Practice and Our Code of Ethics, and to find qualified practitioners in your area.

In many cultures currently and historically, we also work with ‘the Building Blocks of Life’, to correct underlying patterns of disharmony in the ‘Soul, or Subtle Body Energies’. This allows for the organic plants of food and medicine, and our evolving heart-centred relationships with one another, to better nourish our Life-force so that we can fulfill our Sacred Purpose on our Journey in life.

History shows that all cultures across the globe had a form of Shamanism as their original form of Spirituality, so there is no appropriation of anyone’s culture taking place. In particular, in Celtic peoples (Pre-Christian Europeans), women were commonly the healers, seers and shamans in their communities.

A complementary therapy with Herbal therapy: