A shaman is a ‘bridge’ between the Spiritual dimensions and the physical ones, the bridge between ‘Heaven and Earth’ or ‘Spirit and Matter’. In monotheistic Traditions, this role is served by a priest/priestess. The Shaman is educated in many ‘matters of the Spirit’ (See quote below). This practice and training enables us to correct something on behalf of the individual, or community concerned. We are able to seek information, through a process called ‘Journeying’ and then do something that you cannot do for yourself. This is because the Shaman has ‘walked the walk’ and has dedicated their life to becoming ‘a vessel’ for this type of relationship with Spirit. We do this In Service for the Whole, so that your innate Creativity can flow into the world. We are aided by the ‘Spirit of Love’, as well as our animal and plant allies. I have been involved in this work since getting initiated, through illness, since 1989, a common initiation experience for Shamans.

In many cultures currently and historically, we also work with ‘the Building Blocks of Life’, to correct underlying patterns of disharmony in the ‘Soul, or Subtle Body Energies’. This allows for the organic plants of food and medicine, and our evolving heart-centred relationships with one another, to better nourish our Life-force so that we can fulfill our Sacred Purpose on our Journey in life.

History shows that all cultures across the globe had a form of Shamanism as their original form of Spirituality, so there is no appropriation of anyone’s culture taking place. In particular, in Celtic peoples (Pre-Christian Europeans), women were commonly the healers, seers and shamans in their communities.

From Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation:
Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman; Boulder: Sounds True, Inc., Copyright 2010
“According to Jose Stevens, (a shamanic teacher based out of Santa Fe)…: The ceremonialist is one of the seven main functions of a shaman’s work. The others include artist, storyteller, healer, warrior, leader and keeper of knowledge. Each function contributes to the others, which makes for a rich and comprehensive array of skills. While all shamans know something about ceremony and ritual, some shamans make this their specialty and are called in for special occasions to preside over larger, more complex ceremonies… Shamans also observe sacred occasions such as solstices, equinoxes, new and full moons, fertility days, initiations, dedications, annual pilgrimages, births, marriages, and so on. But in addition they create formalities around healing practices such as plant-medicine ceremonies and the like. Often shamanic ceremonies are created for the purpose of blessing children, families, animals, sacred power places and homes.” ~p.91

“All authentic visionaries agree that it is destiny that calls one to be a shaman; shamanism is a calling. This is not a profession that one seeks out. Bringing simple shamanic practices into your life is not to be confused with being called to be a Shaman. We can all bring shamanism into our lives for personal growth and healing, but that does not necessarily mean that we are called to become shamans. Becoming a shaman is a practice that typically develops slowly across months and even years of time – a period during which many difficult initiations can literally sculpt a person into being a great healer and visionary for the community.” ~p.13-4

Soul Recovery & Processes – Hands-on Energy Healing

  • Extractions; of dead or foreign energies. (See Below)
  • Disconnecting; you from the tie to recurring disturbing experiences that you are ready to leave behind.
  • Transforming Archetypal Energies; their challenges, how they affect your experiences, and how to get them working for you. (Primarily influenced through Carolyn Myse’s understanding of Archetypes) Particularly problematic energies are the 4 basic ones that everyone has: Child, Prostitute, Saboteur and Victim.
  • Chakra; corrections and repair, so that Life-force energies flow healthily, in and out of your body.– Sephiroth; corrections and repair of the ‘Tree of Life ‘ i.e. reconnecting to the Space -Time Continuum; repairing issues of time and timing; reconnecting to the Earth for a greater sense of groundednesss and security.– Masculine and Feminine energies; orienting them appropriately, and aiding their interaction, flow and balancing, in your creative endeavours and in your experience of yourself.
  • Auric Layer; clearing and repair.
  • Karmic Patterns; that are adversely still impacting your life, are Journeyed for and/or healed.

Soul Retrieval Processes

  • Are applied if something ‘feels missing’ no matter what you do.

Alignment and Incorporation of New, Expansive Energies Being Offered from ‘Most High’ or ‘Earth’ Energies

  • Can include integration of new Archetypes, or Plant or Animal Totems/Allies offering to merge with you so that you acquire new abilities and/or attitudes.
  • We may also work with merging with your ‘Higher Self,’ or other Divine energies.

Some Specific Things Encountered in Practice over the Years:

  • Extracted objects causing ‘physical’ health problems such as: knives, swords, rope, logs, rocks, etc.
  • Detached someone from the ‘source of chaos’ – because they didn’t know ‘why shit kept happening to them’, no matter what they did – which keeps chaos from manifesting in the creating of their life.
  • Detached various people from an Alignment to Fear so that: they could be free from recurring panic attacks; recover from childhood abuse of various kinds; swim in the ocean; be in the forest; live on their own; be in a relationship; have children, etc.
  • Detached someone from an Alignment to Being Betrayed so that they could be free from recurring manifestations of betrayal by loved ones.
  • Reconfigured an all-in-the-Light or all-in-the-Shadow, Soul orientation to a given lifetime i.e. put them back together as the capacity to cycle from one aspect of the self to another while alive.
  • Reoriented someone who lived in close proximity to death while alive, to being in the fullness of life, until it is their time to ‘pass on’.
  • Helped various people at the end of their life, who are stuck in comas, ‘pass on’.
  • Retrieved the ‘Souls’ of: a violent teenager; a psychotic teenager; an OCD child; an ADD child.
  • Cleared energies causing nightmares.
  • Repaired relationship to time so as to end chronic lateness and procrastination.
  • Reoriented individuals to ‘love’ so they could manifest loving relationships.
  • Disconnected people from abusive family members.Repaired various kinds of ‘fertility’ problems to enable conceiving and carrying to term a child.

Contact me if you are interested in, or need a clearing or balancing of energies in your home or on your land.

Beyond ‘Energy Medicine’

  • Including Soul Retrieval and Repair: e.g. chakras and other subtle body transformation
  • Herbal and natural supplements programs support for Living Well
  • Wise Woman Tradition Processes: enable smooth sailing through major life changes and sudden breakdowns.
  • Journeys for Your True Purpose and support to grow that Purpose into your life.
  • Ceremonies that Mark Rites of Passage.
  • Living Space & Land Clearing & harmonizing

My Shaman colleague who works specifically with those whose life is coming to an end and their family members:  http://www.deathdoula.ca/