One-on-One Consultations

Engaging the Energy of Earth, Wisdom & Spirit with Intent to Heal

In my clinical work and the Courses I offer, I am happy to offer the return of the processes of Herbalism, the Wisdom Processes, also called Traditional Healing or ‘Process Work’ and evolving global Shamanism to both recover from problems of all types and to naturally or proactively aid natural Soul maturation.

I am fortunate to have ‘walked the walk’ of the ‘Wounded Healer’ archetype since 1987, and am well down this road of Mastery-of-Self-on-behalf-of-Others by now. I have consistently seen and personally experienced the beautiful results provided by the flowing and natural interweaving of applying the most appropriate processes from each tradition to the issues at hand. My qualifications come from this personal experience, years of study and one-on-one work with a diverse range of individuals with a wide array of problems.

Because these traditional, graduated and time-honoured processes are naturally integrated with each other, they easily build the foundation of “becoming more human”, as the Cherokee say, or build ‘resilience’ as modern psychology now calls it.

One or more processes can be useful for all genders and ages, no matter the treatments being sought. Sessions can be booked working in only one modality, if preferred, and there is no obligation to try, or continue working with, any of the processes suggested.

Though, because I am a ‘Holistic Healer’, and the Body-Mind-Spirit are a ‘unified package’ to me, and the problem could be rooted in any layer of the Self, I prefer to have a range of tools to work with and apply to whatever area of your life you are looking to get results in.

All consultations of any type undertaken with me are confidential.

I charge $100.00 per hour + HST

I like to start initially with clients with a physical health history since many problems are more than ‘just energy’ and often respond well to various kinds of natural remedies, such as, tinctures, infusions, flower essences and/or other natural supplements.

This physical empowerment builds a foundation to allow for more ease in doing ‘process work’ and less ‘stress’ in your overall daily life experience. It is not mandatory though.

Herbalism Consultation

The initial intake process can take from 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours. We meet afterwards semi-regularly to either adjust, add in new remedies and to keep track of improvements.

The Wisdom Processes Consultation

Each session takes 1-1/2 hours; we need 15-20 minutes to discuss what we are engaging with, about an hour to do so and 15-20 minutes to come out of the ‘energy work’ and allow some time for integration. I suggest that you bring a journal to take notes so that you can practice these processes at home.

Shamanism Consultation

In person sessions usually take the same time as above. Shamans do, however ‘Journey’ for information and can do healing work without your physical presence. I also do on-site clearing work.