Kathleen Leeson RH – Biography

Kathleen Leeson RH (Registered Herbalist) has been studying, working, growing, sharing, teaching, journeying & playing with the plants since 1982.

After attending both Niagara & Algonquin Colleges, she became a Horticulturalist & worked in the field until becoming ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1989. She then happily discovered that the “Old Wives’ Tales” about using the herbs for health were true! She dove into the study of Herbalism, primarily with David Hoffmann, an acknowledged leader of the North American herbal renaissance.

In addition to plant-based therapies, she has intertwined many time-honoured Shamanic processes & the Wise Woman Tradition for her own health. Her Teachers have included Susun S. Weed, Pam Montgomery, Martin Prechtel, David Winston, Amanda McQuade-Crawford & Michele Bougie.

Since 1995, Kathleen has been in clinical practice & has been teaching since 1996. She became a certified Registered Herbalist (R.H.) through the Ontario Herbalists Association when they offered this professional designation in 2000.

Through teaching students, aiding the processes of her clients & mentoring apprentices, her own growth as an exemplary Teacher & Healer-For-Others continues to joyfully unfold.

What is Shamanic Healing?

A ‘Shaman’ is the traditional intermediary between the Realm of Spirit, or Heaven and the Realm of Matter, or Earth. We could substitute the word ‘spiritual’ for ‘shamanic’ at any time. However, they are grounded in, not separated from, a deep reverence for the Earth and all Her life-forms. They do not place humans as being superior to All-That-Is in Creation.

Shamanism sees all disease as originating in another dimension rather than being ‘just physical’. Allopathic medicine divorces our relationship with a benevolent ‘higher power’ and has no one skilled who can mediate between the ‘worlds’, or ‘fix’ problems at their source. Modern medicine also does not cultivate a healthy relationship with its physical medicines that it offers to its tribe to further health and lessen disease. When both systems are utilized effectively together, health is greatly enhanced for all beings.

As Shamanic Healers, we seek to rebalance the energies within the personality that are often causally related to many health issues and troublesome life experiences.

Other Notes of interest regarding Kathleen:

  • Featured on CJOH TV’s “Regional Contact”, & in Ottawa’s Citizen newspaper on numerous occasions.
  • Spoken on Herbalism at Centretown Community Health Centre, the Nepean, Gloucester & Ottawa Libraries & Billings Estate, to name a few.
  • Teaches at other annual events such as the Herbal Renaissance Retreat & Ottawa’s Herbfest.
  • Attends annual practitioner intensives with North America’s leading herbalists to keep expanding her knowledge & skills.
  • Was on the Earth Day Ottawa Organizing Committee in 1990 & was Coordinator in 1991.
  • She would love to teach general interest workshops at your place.

In addition to teaching the Apprenticeship Program & Internship, Kathleen sees clients one-on-one in clinical practice at Into The Green Holistic Clinic in Ottawa, Ontario.

She designs personalized herbal programs & offers other traditional healing processes in safe, co-created space. She has particular experience with chronic or recurring health conditions, such as chronic fatigue, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, etc. She has worked extensively with women’s unique health considerations in particular. She also works cooperatively with an array of other health professionals in order to maximize healing & recovery.