A Weekend for Improving Your Health This Fall & Winter – Online Options to Join Me Sept 15, 2020

As we move into autumn, I am reaching out now in order to support your continued well-being and to answer some questions I’m starting to get regarding ‘pandemic preparedness’ etc. 

Several of my clients and friends, with a variety of ‘other’ health problems, gender and ages, had severe colds last winter before we all knew there was a ‘novel’ virus going around the world.  A month after the lock down, I and my renter also got a cold with, by then, known Covid-19 symptoms and before we had much testing available in my region.  I treated all of us with normally effective herbal cold’ n flu remedies and adjusted which herbs, other remedies and dosages we took according to how our common and differential symptoms manifested.  

In other words, it was seasonal ‘business as usual’ for myself as a Clinical Herbalist and all of us recovered.  In fact, none of us have become ‘Covid long-haulers’ either due to known Post-Viral Infection Syndrome (which you can also recover from if you have it)Many of my colleagues are reporting similar stories by now. From these collective experiences, I have put together a seminar and a workshop to be held over a weekend from what complementary healthcare practitioners can logically offer you in these times. 

 Are you waiting for a corona virus vaccine or worried about catching it? Are you worried about any of your co-morbidities or your age going into this Autumn?  Do you take care of anyone who has these concerns? Then please join me for: 

1) Seminar with Q&A: Saturday, September 26 for Building and Enhancing Immunity As You Age  

No matter if it is a regular or ‘novel’ virus, if you catch it, it will still be your Immune System (IS) that fights off any pathogen that makes its way into your respiratory or digestive systems, the 2 areas most susceptible to initial infections. 

In this seminar we will look at the different levels of Immunity, and strategies for how best to manage microbial infections at any stage for any age.  There are many simple, safe and affordable ways in which you can build your health no matter its current status including if you are on medications.  Building your health and then treating a viral infection naturally, if you get one, will give you an enhanced ability to recover from and clear it fully. Taking this time will give your IS a chance to create enough antibodies to do its job well.  And its been operating in this way for a very long time!  Maybe we just need to know how to support it . . . and you can learn this no matter your existing state of health.  “I’m taking Vitamin C and D to enhance my health right now” Dr. Fauci  

Do you want to understand more about specific herbs & how to use them effectively for cold ‘n flu season? Knowledge you will then have for life? Do you want to make some together to have on hand for preventing or treating cold ‘n flu’s, Q&A’s welcome,?  Then please join me for: 

2) Workshop: Sunday, September 27 for Making Natural Remedies for Enhancing Immunity 

In this workshop we will focus particularly on what Science and Tradition say about the usefulness for enhancing Immunity with: 

  • Garlic, Onions & Horseradish**
  • Fresh Ginger & Hot Peppers 
  • Unpasteurized Honey & Apple Cider 
  • The Citruses 
  • The Other Culinary Herbs in your Kitchen 

We will make a personalized ‘Fire Cider’ and why you should do this every fall. Then I’ll demonstrate how to make Echinacea tincture from the Purple Coneflower perennial (likely growing in your garden); how to understand it; and how to use it effectively as prevention and treatment.  If you want to make remedies for yourself at the same time as me, for a visual of what to have on hand, see The Attachment. 

Note: Organic produce is best for your health; its a lot more fun and you’ll learn a lot more if you do this workshop with others; consider ‘bubbling with your community’ but each bring your own produce and equipment. 

** If you don’t have Horseradish easily available, and want to discover its wondrousness, I will drop some to those of you in Ottawa if you and your bubble will create a central drop off location on the afternoon of Thurs. Sept. 24th.  Please RSVP me by Wed. Sept 23rd about where and how many people will want some. Then just store it in your fridge until Sunday like any root crop.  But you don’t absolutely need it for your remedies to work ** 

Other details:

Each day will start at 9:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) and go to Noon-ish.

I will send a zoom link out for each seminar a few days before the workshops with other details.

Feel free to join one seminar or the other or both.

You don’t have to RSVP.

You can pay me something that you can afford afterwards, if you found it valuable, but are not obliged to do so.

Feel free to share this with whomever you know might be interested.

 If these sessions don’t fit your needs, please feel free to contact me about any personal health concerns you may have.  I have stocked my apothecary with the herbs that support the respiratory system, immunity and stress reduction if you want to discuss (re)starting a program for your well-being and longevity. 

Wishing you the best as we all learn how to live with new and emerging diseases together,

 Kathleen Leeson RH