Preventing and Treating Viruses Naturally – Workshop Mar 22, 2020

Wow!  Covid-19 sure has overshadowed this season’s ‘bugs’!  As many of you know, there are lots of natural remedies that both prevent and can treat many of the deadliest viruses, including this ‘novel’ one.  So, there are treatments for it but you can’t get them from the contemporary medical tradition.

To that end, I am offering an afternoon workshop this Sun March 22nd from 1 pm – 4 pm to show you how to prevent catching pathogens to begin with but especially how to treat yourselves and loved ones if you do get sick.  This is fairly tricky to do effectively, so please come to the workshop. 

We will make ‘Immune Soups’ and I will give you handouts. There will be the cost of the room and these expenses so I have to charge $30.00 per person. You can pay me by cash or cheque the day of.

Please also bring: 

All your Essential Oils and a 50 ml jar filled with your favourite vegetable oil that you put on your skin so that we can design a blend. Many essential oils already proved activity against SARS and will most be likely useful against Covid-19.

The Chinese, who use herbs as their first course of treatment treated Covid-19’s relative, SARS and are using their herbs internally even as we speak to reduce the outbreak.  These herbs are not so readily available in North America so we will also look at what herbs and supplements we can take internally from our Western Tradition and our Materia Medica.

Since many of you may be wondering what you can currently do, the most important thing to do is to stay on all the supplements you are currently taking. They will not interfere with treating pathogens. If you are already immune-compromised you can still do all of the things I suggest as prevention below but treating any microbial infection once you get sick will be even more complicated than what I can to teach you at the workshop.  It would be best to work with me if that should come about. 

Here are some useful prevention possibilities that suit most people if you are not on a lot of medications.  Do everything the WHO has said to do and add to your daily regimen:

  • Vit. C @ 400 mg, 2-3 x day.  Anymore than 400 mg is not utilized so the body eliminates it right away.  So, split up your intake over the day.
  • Zinc @ 5-10 mg/day
  • Make yourself an ‘inhospitable host’ (we will look at many strategies of doing so in the workshop) by eating cooked i.e., warm food; this is not the time for green salads.  If you can tolerate it, increase the warmth factor of your food by adding hot sauces OR increase the amount of other warming spices to as many meals as you can; use any ones that you like.  If you do not do well on hot sauces in particular, drink hot Peppermint Tea, 2-4 cups per day.
  • For the same reason, dress warmly and don’t do anything where you could catch a chill.
  • Suck on any herbal cough drops over the day especially when around other people e.g., Riccola or Fisherman’s Friend brands.
  • Do a Steam Inhalation with your essential oils before bed.

If you cannot attend Sunday but would like some help navigating this pandemic, please feel free to call me. I am in and out of being available by phone but I’ll find a way to get back to you.

I hope that this has been helpful and that all is well with you and yours.  Please feel free to pass this along to whomever you think might find it useful.

Kathleen Leeson RH