Building and Enhancing Immunity As You Age – Online Seminar Sat Sept 26th

Are you waiting for a corona virus vaccine or worried about catching it before there is one? Are you worried about any of your co-morbidities or your age and want to know how to improve your chances of recovering from any virus you may get this fall?  Do you take care of anyone who has these concerns? Then please join me this Saturday for this seminar.

As I write this invitation, I am at the home of one of my friends who has severe cold symptoms, all of which look like Covid-19 and I am treating her in the exact way that I will discuss with you in this workshop (!) while we await her test results.  Which we should have by this weekend.

Talk about timing! She just turned 68 and is in fairly good health for her age. (Find out more about her progress this weekend). And she is just the latest since last January of my clients and friends, all with a variety of ‘other’ health problems, genders and ages, who had severe colds even before we all knew there was a ‘novel’ virus going around the world. 

I spent most of February and all of March getting and staying up to date on the symptoms of the new virus which was just as well since a month after the lock down, I and my renter also got a cold with, by then, known Covid-19 symptoms but before we had much testing available in my region.  I treated all of us with our normally effective herbal cold ‘n flu remedies and adjusted which herbs, other remedies and dosages we took according to how our common and differential symptoms manifested. 

In other words, it was seasonal ‘business as usual’ for myself as a Clinical Herbalist and all of us recovered.  In fact, none of us have become ‘Covid long-haulers’ either due to known Post-Viral Infection Syndrome (which you can also recover from if you have it) Many of my colleagues are reporting similar stories.   And, yes, there is a lot of science to back up how come these remedies work!

“I’m taking Vitamin C and D to enhance my health right now” Dr. Fauci

No matter if it is a regular or ‘novel’ virus, if you catch any virus this fall, it will still be your Immune System (IS) that fights off any pathogen that makes its way into your respiratory or digestive systems, the 2 areas most susceptible to initial infections.

In this seminar we will look at:

  • The Different Levels of Immunity
  • Strategies for how best to manage microbial infections at any stage for any age
  • Several simple, safe and affordable ways in which you can build your health no matter its current status including if you are on medications
  • How you can treat a viral infection naturally, if you get one

If you do this process correctly, you will have an enhanced ability to recover from and clear infections fully.  Your IS can create enough antibodies to do its job well if you work with it as opposed to against it.  And it has been doing this for a very long time!  Maybe we all just need to know how to support it . . . and you can learn this no matter your existing state of health.  

As usual, feel free to share this with whomever and if you find it valuable, you can eTransfer me a payment afterwards but are not required to do so in order to participate!                                                     

Hope to see you soon!

Kathleen Leeson RH