Into, Green, Kathleen, Leeson, Kathleen Leeson, shamanic, traditional, herbalist, herbal, healer, healing, program
Into, Green, Kathleen, Leeson, Kathleen Leeson, shamanic, traditional, herbalist, herbal, healer, healing, program

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Into, Green, Kathleen, Leeson, Kathleen Leeson, shamanic, traditional, herbalist, herbal, healer, healing, program

Into, Green, Kathleen, Leeson, Kathleen Leeson, shamanic, traditional, herbalist, herbal, healer, healing, program


"The rock of truth is hard & inflexible. It doesn't fear a world made of bits of broken brick." Rumi

Knowing your life's Purpose, or your Soul's Contract, and fulfilling it, is now considered by those who study the "science of happiness" to be integral to becoming a happy person. The undertaking of your unique Purpose imbues your life with meaning and this meaning then provides the foundation for experiences of joy, long-life and health. It is also considered integral to the ability to weather life's vagaries and storms, since it puts those experiences into context. The world's major spiritual traditions have always known and advocated this Truth in order to stave off despair, depression and anxiety all of which are now considered to be at epidemic levels in the Western world.

This program has come about in order to aid the process of fulfilling upon your unique Potential. The process of this Program starts in The 5 Day Intensive where you undertake a Spirit-guided, or Shamanic Journey to discover your particular Life's Purpose. It is not a test you can fail or make happen with your willpower. It is also not a process whereby the Shaman retrieves this information on your behalf triggering authority issues you may be prone to. It is an experience that is designed to radically change your understanding of yourself and your perception of reality, but one that you have for yourself.

"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off." Gloria Steinem


The 5 Day Intensive is open to anyone wishing to consciously engage with the energizing of this Process to aid their Soul's emergence and empower themselves in 'Taking their Life On' seriously. It is also a prerequisite Process for participating in the Wisdom and Happiness Program, since we will be building on the results of the information from your Journey throughout the program. The remainder of The 5 Day Intensive is spent exploring acceptance of your Contract and gaining a deeper understanding of its possible effects in your life. Your Contract is 'given to you' in order to illuminate your experience to date and provide a focus for the use of your energies and efforts in your future life.

We will be delving into this impact on you and your life by engaging with Wisdom Teachings from Celtic, Buddhist and some First Nations Traditions. Participating in The 5 Day Intensive does not oblige you to continue on into Year 1 of the program but it does create the space in your life to determine the program's value to you as well as meeting and getting comfortable with other like-minded seekers in a safe and relaxed setting. THE WISDOM & HAPPINESS PROGRAM If you choose 'to continue into Year 1, the program is designed to teach you the processes and practices required in order to have your "Sacred Contract" firmly take root in your Psyche, which often does take a minimum of 4 years to embody, and is a continuing 'work of art'. It is designed to teach you how to discern when you are, or are not on track, with your Contract acting as a benchmark and friendly guide. And when you are not on track, how to engage with yourself lovingly in order to heal anything arising within you that would keep you from realizing your Potential. It is a supportive environment with others going through the same challenges in the unfolding of their Purpose as well, learning from and contributing to each other's evolution.

Throughout the program, we will use the Feminine Principles of Attunement and Self-Reflection in order to assess what current areas of the heart and soul need addressing, as well as the Masculine Principles of Conscious Creation in order to activate the soul's ability to say yes! and cause the self to become whole so as to maintain your alignment with your Soul's Contract.

"Wisdom is like the rain. Its source is limitless but it comes down according to the season." Rumi

By choosing to do this program, you are choosing the time-honoured Path of the Mystery School as the way to awaken, enliven and grow your Heart and Soul. This course is primarily based upon the Celtic Traditional Teachings (pre-Roman European people's philosophies and practices) where 'Life is either a passionate adventure or nothing!' For many, acquiring this vitality is greatly dependant upon finding and learning how to maintain their willingness to apply themselves to their Purpose. Most people have an inkling at some point in their lives about their Purpose but either sabotage this initiating energy or do not know how to keep their heart in their commitment once under way. These are some of the common problems we address in this program.

In the Western Tradition, we work with Archetypes and develop Symbolic Mind. By doing so, you will grow to see your life from a completely different perspective; one where even experiences of suffering are understood and then transformed. No matter what other tools you may currently use to facilitate your Awareness, this course will deepen and expand your abilities to discern your true problems and aid the processes of recovery, change and evolution required for the successful Integration with your Contract.

"Archetypes are the architects of our lives. They are the energy companions through whom we can learn to understand ourselves. These psychological and emotional patterns-how we live and whom we love-can lead us to a profound understanding of our purpose. Our individual spiritual task is to recognize and integrate so that the greater pattern of our mission can shine forth in its full dimensions." Carolyn Myss

In the West, a "Sacred Contract "is translated to be "just a job". Simply taking a course like this one, you would automatically be asked, "What are you going to use that for?" We rarely see our purpose as a Consciousness (or energy) that flows through our heart and soul into whatever "job" we do or the many roles we may play. Sometimes, this energy can mean a career change but often is a focusing energy, illuminating the reasons you are in your existing family and particular line of work. The contract usually provides you with other empowered ways to interact within those situations resolving long-standing issues.

This course is also designed to ground you in a thorough understanding and acceptance of your Process as the primary way humans grow, change and therefore attain our goals. It is in this way that over time as we mature we become our Purpose embodied from which others then have a role model, and so on. It is a process of coming into your power to create, into personal responsibility for your creations and therefore into adulthood. But it is also something that makes a big difference to society as a whole to have conscious Adults within it. It is a serious undertaking and an engaged commitment is expected throughout.
"Compassion can be roughly defined in terms of a state of mind that is non-violent and non-harming, or non-aggressive. Because of this there is a tendency of confusing compassion with attachment and intimacy." The Dalai Lama

In the course, your Process is expected to align with the principles and practice of the Wise Woman Tradition. This Tradition is a Conscious, Heart-Centered, non-judgmental response to the human experience and is oriented towards getting to the Heart-of-the-Matter. It is not counseling and it is not just for women. In this Conscious Process, should we encounter destructive, limiting or worrisome "problems" we "let go into" them and dissolve, release or change them as needed. It takes at least 4 years to master this practice of self-discernment and how to transform any problems limiting you from creating and fulfilling your true purpose.

"Problems are not the result of wrongdoing in the Wise Woman Tradition. Problems are allies, powerful presences, who come to help us to wholeness. Sometimes these allies leave when we incorporate them into our compassionate heart. Sometimes, recognizing them as needed helpers, we consent to their continued presence." Susun S. Weed

The processes and attitudes taught and mastered throughout our 4 years together are time-honored "energy medicine" techniques from various Wisdom traditions globally. They have proven that they result in an enlivening and enriching experience of yourself, others and life no matter what your past-based "issues" are. Over the years you will be mastering the traditional intertwined energies of Intention and Intuition, thereby marrying the masculine activating energies with the feminine receptive energies in order to become the best you that you can be, and an effective vehicle for your Contract to interact with the world.

Year 1 Graduates 2005What participants have said about this Program:
(For more detailed evaluations from graduates, CLICK HERE)

~ "I see every thing differently now! And I don't get upset about any of the things that used to really stress me out before, especially in my job."
~ "I feel like I've come a really long way. When I look back, three years seems like a very long time ago."
~ "I'm a completely different person now and yet I'm still me, just without all the stuff I was carrying around with me without even knowing it."
~ "I can't believe what a difference it makes once you've had an experience of being in the flow! Once you've had it, you never want to go back!"
~ "A lot of the problems I've had with most of the people in my life are gone now. I know that it is because I actually listen to them now without judging them, which they sense is true."
~ "I am so grateful to have found a healthy family in this group and people who believe in the things I believe in."
~ "It is so much easier to stand up for myself! And say what I need to say, even if they aren't quite open to what I have to say. I know that I did what I needed to do for myself."
~ "When I make mistakes now, I don't waste a lot of energy feeling bad about myself anymore."
~ "Now that I'm being who I'm supposed to be, everything has really come together for me without a lot of effort whereas before, I often felt lost and fighting an uphill battle. I can't believe how much easier everything feels."
~ "By choosing my contract, I actually feel at home with myself and my life for, maybe, the first time ever."
~ "In this course, I completed the process of becoming a Woman."

This Program is open to anyone over 21. The class size is limited and you are required to attend all classes, follow through on personalized attunements and complete all assignments satisfactorily. There will be no makeup classes offered. Over the four years, some of the coursework becomes more specialized and may be offered in smaller groups within the group.

Since The 5 Day Intensive is both an opportunity to receive your Contract and an introduction to experience the Mystery School Tradition, you may choose that your participation in Year 1 is not suitable for your Process at this time. As well, at the end of each year of the program, there will be a joint assessment Process between the Teacher and yourself. The opportunity to continue or depart from the 4 years of the program is offered at the end of each year should it develop as your Truth over time to leave the process, since your Purpose may require other education than that which is provided in this course.

To find Inner Happiness & Wisdom, this course may include education in:
Compassionate Receptivity & Letting Go Into Your Problem
Both/And: The Comprehension of Duality
Working with, Embracing & Loving the Shadow
The Symbolic Mind/Body Understanding of Health, Emotions & Consciousness
Masculine & Feminine Energy Dynamics
Chakras & Archetypes: Associated Energies & Challenges
The Shamanic Tradition
The World of Spirit; Helpers, Guides & Totems
      Child, Adolescent, Adult, Elder Psychology
Integrating the Aspects into a Unified Whole
Ego, Heart & Spirit
Recognizing & Working through Resistance & Protection Issues
Needs & Truth, working with the Conflicting Dynamics
Soul Recovery & Retrieval Processes
The Soul's Code; Purpose & Right Livelihood

Graduate Crown Year 1
"Problems are not the result of wrongdoing in the Wise Woman Tradition. Problems are allies, powerful presences, who come to help us to wholeness. Sometimes these allies leave when we incorporate them into our compassionate heart. Sometimes, recognizing them as needed helpers, we consent to their continued presence." Susun S. Weed

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