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The 5-Day Intensive is defined by a guided Shamanic Journey to remember & discover your Life's Purpose. It is not a test you can fail. This experience radically changes your understanding of yourself & your perception of reality. This process illuminates the right use of your life's energies & the right use of your efforts. It can also be a great opportunity to simply take time out from normal day-to-day activity levels & create the space to look at the many facets of your life & your direction or to create a time to renew & revive.
"Wisdom is like the rain. Its source is limitless but it comes down according to the season." Rumi

Acknowledgement 2009
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It is open to anyone wishing to consciously engage with the energizing of this Process to aid their Soul's emergence over the year & empower themselves in taking their Life on seriously. It is also a prerequisite Process for those choosing to participate in the Wisdom & Happiness Program, since we will be building on the results of your attunement in your Journey over the year. Participating in the 5-Day Intensive does not oblige you to continue on into Year 1 of the Program but it does create the space in your life to determine the Program's value to you as well as meeting & getting comfortable with other like-minded seekers in a safe & relaxed setting. Year 1 of the Program is designed to engage the processes & practices that will have your "Sacred Contract" take root in your Psyche & aid the clearing of whatever within you that would sabotage that fulfillment.

The Processes over the week will use the Feminine Principles of Attunement & Self-reflection in order to assess what current areas of the heart & soul need addressing, as well as the Masculine Principles of Conscious Creation in order to activate the soul's ability to say yes! & cause the self to become whole so as to align with your Soul's Contract.

5 Day Intensive Graduates w/Kathleen 2007
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Each participant will receive a Sacred Contract to frame, guide & direct their joyous Intention for their own Process of growth and/or recovery. For some, this contract will be to move into Year 1 & 2 of the Wisdom & Happiness Program & for others it may mean to move into other forms of appropriate education.

It is a great opportunity after the play & vacationing of the summer-heart to see your new seed-dreams wanting to be planted & take root in your spring-soul. Our time will be spent in a serious & playful engagement of what your Soul desires to blossom into.
"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off." Gloria Steinem

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