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The Wisdom Of Plants Herbal Apprenticeship Program - Level 2
Wisdom as a Way of Life featuring 'Plant Spirit Medicine'

You can enter Level 1 or Level 2 initially since both are introductions to the differing ways in which plants offer their healing capacities to humankind. Neither requires any previous knowledge or experience.

LEVEL 2: Introduction to Traditional and Plant Spirit Healing

Ceremonial Winter Offering to the Earth's Health 2002
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This level is an alternative and also introductory level, allowing for a deeper experience of healing at the soul level through a loving engagement with a Plant Totem Ally and therefore freeing the Self of disease. It allows for a radical yet gentle transformation of your experience of yourself, your experience of yourself within Nature, and the meaning of healing within anyone's life. It builds on Level 1 information but that level is not a prerequisite. Level 2 is open to anyone who wishes to explore getting to know him or herself and learn how to alter their "problems". You will get to know your Ally in a new way as well as the plant-friends of the others in the group.

Acknowledgement 2001
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You will see how the plants can show us how to live well on Mother Earth, how to deepen into your truth over time with their loving wisdom and guidance and how they assist optimum health throughout the entire soul-body. If you are unfamiliar with using herbs but feel drawn to Wisdom and Wholeness, this level will also offer time-honoured tools and techniques to access your Inner Healer through working in your own process.

Level 2 may include any or all of the following:
" The Three Traditions of Healing
" Laying the Foundation for Personal Responsibility and Living with Heart
" Introduction to the Wise Woman Tradition; Accessing Your Inner Healer
" Introduction to Understanding the Healing Process, Health and Disease
" Introduction to Reading the Body's Signals
" Introduction to the Chakras and Herbals for Mind/Body Health
" Introduction to the Medicine Wheel
" Journey with Plants as Totem Allies
" Simples & Compounds
" Introduction to Herbal Energetics & Constitutional Health
" Introduction to the Language of Plants
" Introduction to Simple Ceremony
" Homework
What some of my students have said over the years about Level 1 (or How to know if you are a Budding Herbalist):
"A lot of healing happened for me this year in unexpected ways & I really hadn't anticipated that. I'm very happy about that." - Jennifer S.
"You know, I've studied herbalism & gone to a lot of different workshops in the last 6 years. Why has no one ever told me all this before?" - Anne M.
"I feel connected to the Earth in a deep & profound way". - Paul P.
"I'm going to have to take a day off work! I have to go out & collect seeds & roots & things". - Lisa B.
"I have a thing now for Boneset. It's the first plant that I identified myself. I've been hoping that I would get sick this winter with a cold or flu so that I could try it". - Robin M.
"A friend of mine told me about his clogged ears & ear infection. He had been on different antibiotics over a few months & it wouldn't go away. I gave him the garlic honey that we had made & it went away completely". - Paul L.

~Journey of a 40 Year-Old Woman, Recently Separated
"The problem I asked for help with was: How do I get my legs back? And the Plant Ally I got was Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort or Croneswort).

At all times, she was direct. She called it as she saw it, in simple messages. She took the drama out of events and thoughts [occurring in my life]. There was always this impression that even though I was in pain at that particular moment, it was a short time in relation to the eternity of time. It is an impression I have every time we meet. It is very relaxing and comforting."

By the end of the program:
"I believe I have my legs back now. I shed a lot of fear about standing on my own and I am getting to know my new (old?) self. I am starting to take my energy from the Earth [traditional orientation for women] and I am having a lot of fun."

~Journey of a 28 Year-Old Man
"The problem I asked for help with was: How do I get enough inner strength to weather changes? And the Plant Ally I got was Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion).
'It can feed you, the flow of life, all the changes, if you let it. You can't be open all the time'. I discovered that I believe that being true to myself means being selfish and cruel. I learned that one can be strong, tough, even, and remain sensitive.

Another seemingly obvious but very useful advice I got, was simply 'not to worry, not to over think things. If something comes up, relax. It's not the end of the world even though it feels that way. Thinking and worrying about the emotional or physical state only makes it worse. Relaxing and staying open to whatever shows up is the best way to learn what is really going on and then to dissolve it.' It is also much more fun! And Dandelion is all about fun [Joy]. I was encouraged to have fun with my problems. This way they wouldn't seem such a burden. More concretely, I also got the guts to speak up when I had to establish boundaries. This way I would only have to deal with the shit that was mine."

~Journey of a 56 Year-Old Woman
"The problem I asked for help with was: Becoming better connected to my hidden emotions; a better knowing at what my heart, emotions, body and soul are trying to tell me that need to be resolved. And the Plant Ally I got was Verbascum thapsus (Mullein).

"I have to reduce my doubts and not be so hard on myself. She will help me balance the masculine and female energies. She shows me in how she grows that there are many layers in order to get to the core.

I keep experiencing both polarities - extreme emotions from profound love to profound pain and fear. I feel as if I experienced many 'deaths' over the last 3 months and at the same time also experienced extreme love. I feel as if the rug and the floor have been pulled underneath my feet and that I have nowhere to stand.

This is the most pain I have experienced. All of it is happening inside of me. Although it is extremely difficult, I do feel hope because I also experience my heart is feeling more love as well. I have never experienced such polarity before in my life. It has taken everything I have to feel the pain and not try to get rid of it or cover it up, to be OK to feel pain. The greatest challenge is to allow it to be.

When I look at my problem, I do see more clearly my hidden emotions and I get that there is something very right with this picture."

~Journey of a 28 Year-Old Woman.
The problem I asked for help with was: Help to trust in Life and the Plant Ally I got was Urtica dioica (Nettle)

"Over time it became about getting to know my anger, exhaustion, and grief. She said, 'to stop blaming other people.' She helps me to see the world as a complete entity; myself as a complete entity. Everything is woven together.

She helps me to remember that my particular experience is OK. I don't have to depend on people to trust in life. I can trust myself! I can trust my own ways of understanding and being.

Guess what? The more I do that, the more I notice that very few people/forces are actively persecuting me."

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Includes our 15th Anniversary Photo Album of the program.

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