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The Wisdom Of Plants Herbal Apprenticeship Program - Level 1

You can enter Level 1 or Level 2 initially since both are introductions to the differing ways in which plants offer their healing capacities to humankind. Neither requires any previous knowledge or experience.

LEVEL 1: Hands-on Herbal Health Care for a Changing World

Come & touch, taste, eat, & learn and come alive to the joys of herbs. This Level offers basic, introductory traditional medicinal herbal knowledge. It emphasizes getting to know medicinal herbs & understanding "how they work" versus memorizing a lot about each herb. I want my students to come out understanding the way herbs work, how that relates to health and how to assess all the accuracy of the differing voices making claims about ‘herbal medicine' while honouring the voice of the Herbal leaders of our time, & the memory of our distant Western Tradition.

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Who should take this Level 1 Education? Take it: - because you know very little and want to start off "on the right foot". - because you are (or have) studying a long distance theory program and need the practical ID and remedy-making skills. - because you have been exploring herbalism for some time & want to feel more confidence. - because you can spread your payments over the year and pay monthly.

All knowledge levels are welcome & encouraged here, since this diversity is a rich opportunity for all of us to teach, question, study & share the many realms of Life that Herbalism touches upon.

Level 1 may include any or all of the following:
" 1 day per month for 12 months and includes organic lunches, snacks and all materials except books you purchase for other knowledge
" The Basics of Plant Identification; Plant Habits & Habitats
" The Basics of Herbalism: the Language of Herbs, Herbal Actions, & Human Body Systems Affinity (Tropism)
" The Principles of Traditional Herbalism
" An overview of approximately 60 commonly used plants within herbalism with a focus on 10-20 locally abundant herbs
" Start to use those appropriate to your own and your families' health
" Cooking, eating, & wildcrafting seasonally
" Making at least 1 herbal traditional remedy each day and usually more than 1 during the growing season, i.e. infusions, tinctures, oils, essential oils, salves, syrups, etc.
" Ongoing outside hands-on horticultural skills with the herbs
" Homework
" Current and ex-students get a discount on in-depth Intensives with me.
" Other optional educational forums


(CLICK HERE for an interview with a 66yr. old ex-level 1 Graduate of Kathleen's featured in '55Plus' in 2008)
What some of my students have said over the years about Level 1 (or How to know if you are a Budding Herbalist):
"I really like making herbal liqueurs; I think I have a gift for them. Everyone really likes them." - Carol G.
"A neighbour of mine is elderly & on a lot of different medications & she had a really painful rash after she fell that was red & weeping. They gave her cortisone but it didn't go away so I went over & applied a Comfrey leaf Poultice & it cleared up significantly. She was really surprised." - Marilyn B.
"A friend of mine asked me, 'So, are you an Herbalist now?' [Towards the end of Level 1] & I said, "Are you kidding? Do you know what you have to know to be an Herbalist? You have to know anatomy & physiology; how to ID all the plants & how to grow them; how to make all the different medicines; how to diagnose people; & how to create & monitor an herbal program! I'm happy to be able to make some preparations from my garden & know how to use them." - Nathalie M.
"A lot of healing happened for me this year in unexpected ways & I really hadn't anticipated that. I'm very happy about that." - Jennifer S.
"You know, I've studied herbalism & gone to a lot of different workshops in the last 6 years. Why has no one ever told me all this before?" - Anne M.
"I feel connected to the Earth in a deep & profound way". - Paul P.
"I'm going to have to take a day off work! I have to go out & collect seeds & roots & things". - Lisa B.
"I have a thing now for Boneset. It's the first plant that I identified myself. I've been hoping that I would get sick this winter with a cold or flu so that I could try it". - Robin M.
"A friend of mine told me about his clogged ears & ear infection. He had been on different antibiotics over a few months & it wouldn't go away. I gave him the garlic honey that we had made & it went away completely". - Paul L.

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