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The Wisdom Of Plants Herbal Apprenticeship Program Overview

(CLICK HERE for an interview with a 66yr. old ex-level 1 Graduate of Kathleen's featured in '55Plus' in 2008)
Welcome to the wonder-filled world of Green Living. Do you feel an affinity with Nature or want to explore & maintain that connection?

This program has been growing and evolving since 1995 and as of Feb 2016, there have been 60 graduates of either Level 1 or 2 or both: The stats to date are:
  • 2 Clinical Herbalists; Several Nutritionists; 1 Chef; 1 Midwife; 2 RMT’s, 1 now a Mayan Abdominal Therapist; 1 Shaman-as-Ceremonialist; 1 Shaman-as-Death-Doula ; several as 'healers' of some sort; 3 Shamans who specialize.
  • So many others have moved to the country that I can't count them all, taking on co-creative Steward-of-their-Land on large farms and that aids all Life on Earth. Due to their expanded life skills and education from this program, many others have gone into, or expanded some enterprise involving organic growing, cooking and nutrition.
  • Many have gotten pregnant and/or are raising their children with very little reliance on meds.
  • My students have told me over the years how happy the were to have made new and lasting friendships with others in this program, something that can often be a challenge in adulthood, creating nourishment at the Soul level through finding like-minded others.
You can see some of their comments at or on the Level 2 page.

Herb Group
Each Level is designed to build on the previous for more holistic understanding, although you may start in Level 1 or 2, both of which are introductions to Herbalism and/or The Art of Healing. Neither requires any previous knowledge or experience. You will share many memorable moments & have reliable knowledge for the rest of your years. Perhaps the grass really is greener on the other side? Is this the year for you?

Each Level of this program focuses on reinstating our trust in Nature, ourselves & the wise use of Her Green Gifts to us. It is also oriented to reawaken our role in our own healing, our unique individuality, our sacred purpose & the role of the Traditional Healer within that context.

Many plants new to us from around the globe are finding their way onto shelves in retail stores but the time-honoured memory of making your own medicine from locally abundant plants & the simple, self-sufficient knowledge of how to use them is the heart of this program. Simultaneously, the growth of the health products industry is also causing an explosion of misinformation since the context of the herbal tradition is overlooked by the western need to maintain a superficial understanding of mind/body health & wellness.

The deeply rooted & therefore experienced Traditional Herbalist is often pushed out of its own knowledge base & overlooked by these market forces. Therefore, we will look at the herbs in such a way that you will be able to distinguish for yourself, "what is that herb good for?"

Apprentice In The Garden 2003
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2003 App. Program Lev. 1 Grads


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Includes our 15th Anniversary Photo Album of the program.

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